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Gangsta’s Move In Silence & NAS… He Don’t Talk A Lot

Your boy Nas has been in the news most recently not for his music (although he just dropped an album last month “Nasir”) or dating your girl Nicki Minaj (although there were reports of them dating not too long ago)…  but your boy has been making some BIG MOVES in silence!


The Queens, NY native backed an online pharmacy company called PillPack (through his venture capital firm Queensbridge Venture Partners – QVP), who’s goal is to streamline access to medications.  They fill drug prescriptions & ship them right to the front door of their customers while still maintaining the payments and refills with automated software.

Well last week (June 28, 2018) AMAZON announced that they just acquired PillPack for a cool $1 BILLION DOLLARS!!!  Looks like the two co-founders of the company will get about $100 million each and the rest will be split between the rest of the investors (including Nas and he is expected to take home a huge chunk of it).

Well “GO NAS” that was a really smart business move on your part!  But it also looks like he is no stranger to seed investments and this was not his 1st rodeo.  QVP (Queensbridge Vneture Partners) previously invested in Lyft and Dropbox for some of the big name companies… but also invested in a cloud based mastering company, a cricket protein bar manufacturer and a smart door bell start up.  You can never put all your eggs in one basket and Nas seems to understand that concept quite well.  

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