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Get nailed by Maree Capri… I did!

Y’all know I believe the children are our future, and  I had the pleasure of being one of many future celebrity’s to be nailed by the one and only Camaree Valentine more commonly known as Maree Capri! She is a young entrepreneur at 16 years old and only a junior at Firestone High School where she is on the fast pace into the future while still getting her high school diploma.

This young lady is light-years ahead of the rest when it comes to strive and ambition. Maree began her interested in the arts when she was in  elementary school she was really into art class. She actually began doing nails in her freshmen year of high school. Now three years later she has solidified her position in the ranks of celebrity nail technicians… She ain’t playing no games with y’all! Maree is on the climb and she’s going all the way to the top!

You can find her on the style seat app under

Maree Capri

or visit her on facebook

Maree Capri



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