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Get Skinny Girl Fitness Waist Trainer – Product Review

Have you ever purchased something that you just loved so much, you wanted to do more?  I feel like I have to let the world know how good this waist trainer I purchased from Katica @getskinnygirlfitness is!

First of all, I have been struggling with weight loss.  I put on some “happy weight” LOL.  But seriously, I’m just so happy in my relationship and it seems like we were always going out to eat, always lounging around & neglecting our fitness goals.  Getting back into the groove of things has been a little hard.  So I purchased a waist trainer.  Initially my thoughts were that I didn’t have to do much…  just slap the waist trainer on and go about my day, but boy was I wrong!

This waist trainer has helped to reshape my mind and thought process when it comes to getting healthy and fit.  It seems like the moment I put it on, I don’t want to eat anything that is going to be too unhealthy!  I haven’t been drinking any pop/soda (my biggest hurdle to overcome), and I have also really cut back on sugars, breads and pastas.  I have also caught myself working out more while I have this waist trainer on.  Like I just busted out 25 squats out of no where.  I am constantly looking in the mirror… Like is my butt getting big, is my stomach getting flatter LOL.

Physically, this is the best waist trainer I have ever tried.  The material is AWESOME!  I love how it has like two layers.  You strap the 1st Velcro part together then you pull the other two straps together & strap those on top of the Velcro part (does that make sense?  LOL).  Once you strap it on, it securely stays in place.  It is not going to roll up on the sides, it covers the whole stomach, you can wear it all day, you can work out in it and it increases the sweat to your abdominal area.

Now I would definitely suggest that you make sure you get your correct size.  The 1st one I got was too small so I did not get the desired results.  It was too tight so I was not able to wear it for long periods of time.  Lastly, this is not the type of waist trainer you get to wear under your clothes to make you look more form fitting.  You are able to see the waist trainer up under your garments.

Contact Katica 330-469-4316 with Get Skinny Girl Fitness to get your own waist trainer & it goes great with her Flat Tummy Tea!  Be sure to tell her #Earkandyradio sent you.

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