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Get The Skinny 1-28-18

I am Katica Welch your host of “Get the Skinny” on Ear Kandy Radio!

Get The Skinny,” Is a Live Radio Podcast. We focus on bringing healthy knowledge to our Ear Kandy Listeners, In hopes that we can make a difference in the lives of many. The push to encourage our listener to make better food, beverage & fitness choices won’t be light but it will be fun. Motivation is our name.. And great health is our aim. We discuss topics of daily body movement through Fitness, dance, breathing, stretching, & meditation. Fun topics like your favorite restaurants, recipes, healthy cooking, healthy skin, hair, & nails will also be discussed…..

Ooooh & I can’t forget the Sweet Ear Kandy that we’ll be bringing, like who’s who in the fitness industry and who has a real booty & who does not.. Join the “Get the Skinny” movement by logging on to earkandyradio.com/live-raddio or call in 646-787-8528.

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