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Girl Goes Live While Driving Drunk & Ends Tragically

Jackson, Mississippi – Ashlee Sierra Sims,26, has been identified as the young pedestrian whom was fatally struck by a passing vehicle after exiting her car to retrieve her cell phone.

Ashlee went live on Facebook with another passenger in the car, while she was clearly intoxicated (as she said she was “drunk as a MF”).

According to the reports, her phone flew out the window and she pulled over to find it. In the video, you can hear her turning on her “find my iphone” app, and as she gets closer to her phone… she is struck with a passing vehicle.

The video is posted below, but please view at your own discretion. Condolences to her family and children, and please people… do not drive drunk!

>>>> Click here for video.

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One thought on “Girl Goes Live While Driving Drunk & Ends Tragically

  1. Such a beautiful spirit. I met this young lady at my job. I had the privilege to know her and her two children.I can’t express or understand what these kids will have to go through. The father will killed not to long ago,which left a void in her life.RIP Ashlee Sims you have your wings. My condolences to the family for your loss. God bless and protect you 2020 has been such a troubling year.

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