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Girl Gorilla Glued Her Hair Now In Hospital

After wearing a hairstyle for a whole month, Newly famous by default internet sensation  Tessica checked herself into the St. Bernard Parish hospital Emergency room an hr ago, around 2:00.

Many people think Tessica mistook Gorilla glue for gorilla snot, and slicked her hair down straight to the back. Some say it was a cry for attention and other people believe she was just dumb!

If you have not been following the story, Tessica sprayed gorilla glue in her hair to hold it in place and it surely did just that. After going viral in a video where the young lady explains how gorilla glue is a no no, she began taking any and all suggestions how to free her hair.

Gorilla glue official responded to her post suggesting rubbing alchohol, that obviously didn’t work. After seeing her situation a dermatologist created a tik tok video with his medical advice of a acetone and worse case scenario use a product called goo gone & to seek medical attention.  Will she get the glue out her hair? Will she have any hair when all this is over? EKR will continue to follow this story closely.

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