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Girl Threatens SUICIDE & Her Own “MOM” Tells Her She Won’t Cry

A young 21 year old woman recently threatened her family with committing suicide & the screenshots were posted on Facebook.  I have seen so many young people talking about suicide lately, and even going all the way through with it.  It truly breaks my heart that people a lot of people who attempt or think about suicide really think suicide is the only way out for them.

This story involves the 21 year old woman and the screenshots seem to be a thread of text messages between her and her own mother.  The young girl sends a picture of herself with a mouth full of pills.  It looks like she was accused of seeking attention by her mother.  She says she is about to show her how much attention she is seeking and the mother basically tells her to do it & stop talking about it.  Tells her how she is a poor excuse for a daughter & she will not be shedding any tears if her daughter does kill herself!  


If you ask me, that is a poor excuse for a mother!  No matter what you and your child may be going through… how can you encourage them to kill them self???  Killing their self would be like killing a piece of you (as a parent).   

As a friend or loved one (who really cares about somebody going through suicidal thoughts) it is hard to watch!  Sometimes you don’t have the right words to say.  Sometimes you may think they are just seeking attention… but as a friend/loved one… you really need to jump into action and DO SOMETHING!  Let them know how much you care about them & tell them how much they would be missed if they did something like that!  It seems like this young woman was really reaching out & telling people she was depressed. 

We have to realize that people really do get depressed and deal with depression in a lot of different ways.  It looks like this young woman did actually go through with her suicidal attempt, but thankfully she made it to the hospital in time and she still has her life!

I’m just happy that her life was spared, and she has a testimony to share with people who are also contemplating suicide.  If you know anyone who is thinking about suicide or they have even mentioned it in a “playful” way… please do not take it lightly!  Do something!!  & if you don’t know what to do, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and they are available 24/7.  You just may save a loved one’s life!


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