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Global Mogul presents The Grand Opening of Akron’s Hip Hop Art Gallery

King Locust

Global Mogul presents the Grand Opening of Akron’s 1st Hip Hop Art Gallery. The event was so dope! Hosted by King Locust an artist and entrepreneur. With media coverage by yours truly Ear Kandy Radio.

DeAnna kay & Brittney M.

King locust is an Akron Hip Hop Icon, CEO, artist and has his own liquor and wine! He’s a man that wears many hats! His liquor of the night was Clique Vodka, Spanish Oak and a Wine Cosmopolitan Dive all apart of his collection.

LaDora Tyler Treats
LaDora’s Treats CEO

King Locust took to social media to thank everyone for coming! “Event was Dope! Gallery Grand opening went off like a Rocket! Good energy and conversations from all artist and entrepreneurs! LaDora Tyler laid out the Global Mogul Desserts! Tap in for specialty pastries! And more #Blessed#G?️M Shout to Russ Neil on the Exclusive Global Mogul Dri Fit Sweat Suit! #NextCityToBlowAkron Big Shout out to Brittney C. Miller and DeAnna Kay Bailey on the Media coverage!”…. King Loc

Tonight Art Gallery showed off Akron’s Talent! Many different artists and business owners products. He had classic CDs, Jackets, mix tapes, vintage recorder player and so much more! Akron’s Hip Hop and Art Gallery showcased different artists from Akron, Ohio. Posters from events from the city. King Loc kept everything any local business owners, artists and brands material they gave him. He show cased their material in his Art Gallery.

King Loc & Russ Neil
King Loc & Indigo Norwood (All in One Events)
Freeze (7th floor clothing)
Unknown, Ampichio, Den ( wings 18)
DeAnna Kay (media specialist) Brittney M. ( CEO) Char (lets talk Char & business owner)

Many different artists came out to show their support. Business owners, family, friends and the community. Akron really came out and showed love! This just goes to show you how powerful we are as one! Great vibes, treats & drinks! There was lots of networking going on. Artists to artists interviews and learning who everyone was.

Overall the event was great. Multiple Entrepreneurs came out and showed love. King Loc had shirts that night that said “Next city to blow… AKRON” and he’s ensuring that happens! If you have material you want showcase bring it down. King loc wants to showcase the talent we have in Akron. The Hip Hop Art Gallery was created as safe environment for people to perfect their craft.

Thank you all for coming out to support! Let’s keep this energy with supporting each other! Akron has some wonderful talent and we could really be a great force if we learn to work together.

Check out more pictures below and go visit 998 Kenmore Bld Akron Stand up!

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