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GOJO Is Hiring In Cuyahoga Falls

Akron, OH – This COVID-19 (or coronavirus) is really messing up the economy for a lot of people and business owners all around the globe. While a lot of people are out of work and a lot of businesses were forced to close their doors, GOJO Industries is hiring!

GOJO Industries are the people who make the Purell, soaps, cleaning supplies and other sanitizers, and they truly need help to keep up with the demand for these items across the country. They have not confirmed how many employees they need, but they are definitely hiring.

If anybody is interested in applying for GOJO industries, visit their website (GOJO.com) or call them at 330-255-6500 and ask for Integrity Staffing.

Since Donald Trump declared the coronavirus a pandemic, they are seem the demand increase for all their products. Their manufacturing facilities are operating around the clock to produce millions of bottles and refills of Purell each day. They have been shipping products to retailers every single day, but the demand is just so high!

The CEO of the company is encouraging retailers to limit the number of bottles one customer can buy to help ensure every consumer is able to get a bottle of the needed hand sanitizer.

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