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Good News If Your Food Stamps Are Already Gone!

FRESH EBT APP available in your APP or Play Store

Okay, 1st of all… did you guys know they had a mobile app for the EBT (SNAP BENEFITS)? Well, maybe I’m a little late to the party, but I had no idea there was an APP!

The mobile app actually does a lot more than just telling you your EBT balance. It also tells you your

  • Spending History
  • Where you can get the best deals (Coupons)
  • A link to apply for jobs
  • Recipes
  • Locations across the US who accept the EBT Card

Well, if you are a food-stamp/EBT recipient, then I’m sure you are aware of the double food-stamps we received in January due to the government shutdown. Initially the government said they would not be giving any food stamps for the month of February, since they gave double benefits the month before.

According to this mobile app, a portion of your March food-stamps are supposed to be issue on February 22nd to help get people through the end of the month.

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