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A List Of Business Who Do NOT Share H&M’s Views

This will actually be the only time I address the issue with H & M and that damn monkey shirt.  They knew they were DEAD WRONG & they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.  It’s really hard to believe a company could be so insensitive to an issue like racism.  Needless to say, I will not be spending another red cent in that store.

HOWEVER…  Here is a list of businesses in the Akron Area who do not share the same views as H&M.  These companies are being migrated into another page on the website (Black Pages Directory).  We have a magazine getting ready to hit the streets in less than 2 weeks & if you get a member savings card (which is included in the magazine)… you will get 10% off any products or services offered by these companies.  Let’s stop wasting our time talking about the people who don’t value our dollars and spend more time supporting our own people in our community.

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