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Guy stays on FaceTime while his baby mom has sex with another man!

I can NOT makeup these stories! So boom y’all know I troll on social media to find juicy topics to blog on and honey I got some tea! More like Hennessy! This guy took to social media to rant about the mother of his child.

He says they were on FaceTime and she started having sex with another man! The two are not together! His child was in his room sleeping while this occurred. Of course multiple people had questions! Like why did he stay on the phone!

Not only did he stay in the phone but he claims to have recorded it! You can tell by multiple post he was pissed! He even claim he was calling Child protective services on her! Check out the screen shots below….

Crazy as fuck! Now I’m having a hard time understanding why he didn’t just hang up! It’s clear the conversation was over. He wasn’t talking to his child why stay on the phone? And in one of the comments his Facebook friend made a point.

What she does with her Vagina is not his business. His child was sleeping and safe in the other room. I could see if the baby was in the bed with them while they had sex but the child wasn’t! What y’all think?

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