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H.O.T.S. Magazine

Special Edition
The 3rd issue of the H.O.T.S. Magazine featuring LeBron James on both covers and a fold out 16×20” poster is now available for purchase. This magazine highlights some of the people in the city of Akron, OH who are either giving back to the community or making noise in the city. The H.O.T.S. Magazine also features some of the cutest kids and a memorial page for our lost loved ones.

This issue consists of 64 pages (plus a double sided tear out poster of LeBron James), 20 pages more than our last issue which featured the late, great Kobe Bryant.

The tear-out, double sided poster features LeBron James on both sides. Ear Kandy Radio wanted to honor our hometown hero in a special way, so we took it back to the days with magazines with the tear-out posters. Our magazine release date falls just one day short of the debut of Space Jam 2, also starring LeBron James.

If you would like a hard copy of this special edition, 64 page magazine, >>>>Click this link to order.

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