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Halle Berry son is in heels at age 6. What are your thoughts?

The coronavirus Stay at Home order can be difficult for kids. Halle Berry’s son is finding things to do. He puts on his mom’s heels and surprisingly, walks pretty well in them. Social media is going crazy.

Do you think a little boy playing in his mommy’s heels is just an innocent game of “dress-up?” Do you think we should still teach our kids “gender roles” with the world conforming to include the LGBTQ+ community? Would you let your son wear heels? How do you feel about Halle letting her son play in her heels? Comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Halle Berry son is in heels at age 6. What are your thoughts?

  1. What a GREAT mom allowing him to figure it out for himself minus the SHAME! WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE.

  2. Halle Halle Halle no ma no ma’am honey baby boy his 6 years old he should not be walking around in heels if you are trying to tell us something give him a chance to be a lil boy he is not old enough to know about this kind of life just yet get him some tonka trucks are something not the heels momma not the heels ❤️ U always

  3. I think it’s crazy and not cool because alot of people that’s going to be ready this is probably wondering if he’s going to grow up being gay or dressing like a woman alot of people is probably going to start tripping off of this situation I think she needs to sit him down and talk to him as and tell him it’s not cool to be playing in your mom shoes

  4. Leave them be for crying out loud. Have you people nothing better to report than trying to insinuate something about a 6 year old boy just trying to be silly. My boys joke around like that all the time. Grow up people and stop writing this crap that’s going to make this child feel self conscious about something he did in fun that most boys do.

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