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Happy 25th Birthday DeAnna Kay – The Host W/ The Most

Ear Kandy Radio wanted to take the time out to wish our MVP, DeAnna Kay, a very Happy 25th Birthday!!!

DeAnna Kay has been with Ear Kandy Radio for almost a year and a half, and she has truly been one of the most loyal employees I have ever worked with! DeAnna Kay is the baby of the team (a spoiled little brat LOL) but when it comes time to put in the work, DeAnna Kay shows up & shows out… with no hesitation!

Since DeAnna Kay has been with Ear Kandy Radio, she has had over 75,000 live listeners on her show #TheDeAnnaKayShow (previously Secret Battles), she has interviewed countless people, hosted red carpet interviews, been the event planner for a few of our events, judged some local showcases, and much much more.

DeAnna Kay has truly been an asset to EarKandyRadio, and she is here to stay! Thank you for you hard work & dedication to the team… you are truly appreciated!

Check out her show page >>> The DeAnna Kay Show

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