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Happy 50th Birthday Queen Latifah

Earkandyradio wanted to take a moment to wish the beautiful, Queen Latifah a Happy 50th Birthday!

Queen Latifah is a Grammy Award-winning rapper (All Hail to the Queen, released in 1995, selling more than 1 million copies) record producer and actress.

I have always loved Queen Latifah for the message she was bringing when she first hit the scene. She was so “queen like” and so “black power”… she made people think it was okay to be black kings and queens! Her hit single U.N.I.T.Y. is just what was needed, a message that is still valid today!

Queen Latifah killed her role in Set it Off (one of my all-time favorite movies), and also the hit series Living Single she starred in! She has been doing her thing for decades, and we just wanted to honor her today on her 50th birthday! Happy birthday queen.

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