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Happy Birthday B.Simone!

Happy 30th Birthday B.Simone! Unfortunately due to quarantine B was unable to celebrate the way she wanted. B. Simone celebrated with family & close friends at her home. They decorated her home with pink and white balloons. Money everywhere. A money bag cake, seafood and much more!

B.Simone went live on instagram last night during the party and I actually tuned in! They were having dance battles. They also had mask for every one at the party. Although her plans didn’t go as planned B looked like she had fun!

Happy birthday and congratulations on your new beauty line, B.Simone Beauty. You’re hard work has not gone unnoticed. We watch you grow and make other laugh. You bring joy to many people who are looking for hope. Being an inspiration to many. We wish you nothing but the best!

Check out a beautiful heartfelt video of everyone who told B.Simone happy birthday!

Check out video below

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