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Happy birthday Gherbo!

Yesterday Gherbo celebrated his 24th birthday! It’s such a blessing to see 24! And to be rich is a plus! He celebrated with family & friends. They seem to have had a great time! Fabulous was one celebrity in the building

Along with his children & beautiful girlfriend!

One gift that had Gherbo in tears was a gift from his girlfriend Tina Williams. She brought him a new chain with his late grandma picture. It literally brought him to tears I’m sure besides his children it was one of the best gifts received.

The celebration was short lived when his bm Ari took to Instagram pissed off! It seem as if they had an agreement to NOT have their son around Tina. Well he broke that promise and had Ari in an uproar.

Ari posted and deleted but of course the Shade Room got the picture and the tea! Ari even accused him of having Herpes! And I’m not saying it’s true but only way she would know is if he gave it to her but imma let y’all figure it out. Check out Ari rant below and feel free to comment.

S/o to the shade room for being messy and getting the dirty details.

So tell me is this a case of bitter Bm? Or should he have kept his promise and not allowed Tina around their child? Do you feel he was being disrespectful to Ari? I’ll keep y’all updated.

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