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Happy Birthday Kash Doll

Happy Birthday KD! Arkeisha Knight aka Kash Doll aka Ms. Doing to much! Lol Kash Doll turned 28 year old March 14. She celebrated her birthday at Club Society in her home town Detroit, Michigan.

Kash Doll has come a long way in her career and we couldn’t be more happy for her. She came on Ear Kandy Radio with Britt when she was an up and coming artist. Since then her career has sky rocketed! Kash Doll has performed on multiple stages! After getting out of a horrible contract she finally got to show the world her talent!

Kash Doll really shows women that no matter where you come from you can make it! Shit she made it to B.E.T! She’s meeting top list celebrities and became one herself! Kash Doll’s energy is amazing. She positive, productive and always riding for the lady’s! Kash is all about her bag!

Kash Dolls goes after what she wants and has worked hard to create a great life for herself and her family. Kash Doll is the oldest of six children and helps take care of them. Unfortunately KD father was murdered when she was only one years old. Growing up in the streets of Detroit Kash Dolls has beat the odds and made a name for herself.

Happy birthday and wishing you many more! She truly deserves to live a rich chick life style! Check out the full video from her party below!

Also check out her new video she released

Rich Hoochie

We love you KD!

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