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Happy Daddy Day!

Ok so today I wanted to take the time out and give credit when credit is due! Every year on Father’s Day down my timeline whether it be Instagram or Facebook. I always see the same thing from some women and that is “Happy Father’s Day to myself blah blah blah!” I think its unfair and should be kept to themselves and let the men have this one day! You don’t see them out here screaming Happy Mother’s Day to themselves on that day because there are many men playing both roles everyday or at least trying there best! So recently I asked for fathers and mothers to tag me in pics with their children so that I can recognize you on your day! Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads that are handling their business, Happy Fathers day to the men that are taking care of kids that are not there’s but have stepped up to the plate as real men do and Happy Father’s Day to great men that are no longer present but was great dads as well!

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