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Have you been Pegged?!?!

Everyone claims to be a freak, well let’s see how freaky y’all truly are!

So, there is this new (well not really new, I found after doing lots of research it’s been something that has been a thing) sex craze going on!

I  was in a group on Facebook, yup Facebook and no don’t judge me! When I stumbled across a (to me) confusing and very disturbing picture that literally left my mouth dropped! Now this picture although it was a cartoonish in style the picture still had enough detail to get its point across. In which there is a woman in a bra and what appears to be underwear and a man in front of her with a heading that simply say “pegging”… well at first glance that’s what it looks like but once looked a little closer you can see that it is in fact a man being penetrated from behind by a woman wearing a strap on dildo!!! Yess a She is fucking him in the ass!

Now for me this was a very big shocker alone, but the shock continued as I explored the infamous comments section and baby they did not disappoint ok!

What it did do however was intrigued me. So according to the common concensus on the subject (which surprises me still) is that however you may feel about how it looks it is very heterosexual sexual intercourse. Even though the Man is being penetrated he is still and man and even though the woman is penetrating the man anally she however is still a woman. Although it ain’t my thang, after extensive research I have to say that this in fact is… (well based on the definition of heterosexual sex being between a man and a woman!) Heterosexual Sex!


Sooo what do y’all think, ladies will you be pegging anytime soon? And fellas are you getting pegged?


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