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He Paid Her $3M To Get An Abortion… Reggie Bush’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True!

I wanted to report on this story even though it’s old, especially with all the new abortion bills being passed around the United States. Many states throughout the country have been passing some pretty strict abortion laws, in efforts to overturn Roe VS Wade. A lot of these laws have went as far as banning abortions after a heartbeat is detected (can be detected as early as 5-6 week), even in serious cases of rape or incest. Now, I cannot say I agree with these laws being passed, but I think it will definitely have people making better sexual decisions.

Back to the story, in 2016, Reggie Bush reportedly paid his mistress (34 year old cocktail waitress) Monique Exposito $3 MILLION big ones for her to get an abortion! Monique (for whatever reason) did not get the abortion and she is now six months pregnant with Reggie’s child (allegedly).

Looks like Monique is no rookie in hooking up wit celebrity sports players! Reportedly, she was trying to get pregnant by her ex, Alonzo Mourning, and she even went as far as to taking fertility treatments so she could increase her chances of conceiving. Unfortunately, Reggie got caught up in her sticky web.

Reggie Bush & Wife

The deal Reggie Bush made with Monique was that he would give her the $3 Million dollars in exchange for her silence & to get the abortion. Reggie followed through on his end, and him and his wife believed she would make good on her end… but NOPE! She is currently planning a lavish baby shower for her baby, which is expected to arrive in the winter time.

Seems like money will make people do almost anything… even make a woman stay with a man who got another woman pregnant! SMH, I hope the baby is healthy and Mr. Reggie Bush learns from his infidelity.

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