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He Treats His New Kids Better Than Mine


I am writing your show because I need some feedback and most of all, I know for a fact that my baby day and his new girlfriend both follow you and listen to your show.

My baby dad and I have 2 kids together.  We have not been together in over 5 years.  He has moved on and so have I.  He also has 2 kids with his current girlfriend.  My kids love their dad and his girlfriend but they always feel kind of left out or feel like their dad loves his “new kids” as they call them, more than he loves them.  For Christmas, he always buys them more, anytime there are activities at school he is there with his new kids and not our kids, they go on family vacations and don’t take our kids, they take family pictures and my kids are not included, and my kids even tell me that when they go over there, their dad is nicer to the new kids.

Any time I speak on this, I am accused of being bitter and that is simply not the case.  I love that he is still in my kids lives because he is a great father but I don’t know how to handle this because I hate that my kids feel some type of way about it.  As a woman. you would think his girlfriend would pull his coattail to it (because we have talked) but I think she is the reason that he acts that way.  She’s the type of person who thinks as long as her, her kids and their household is cool then forget everybody else (even his kids).  Weak minded man and woman if you ask me but I just need a little advice on how to deal with this because I am tired of my kids feeling like they are 2nd best.

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