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He Wants Me To Get An Abortion Because He Has A Wife!

Late term abortions…

Hello, I see you are going to be talking about abortions on your next show, so I wanted to see how your viewers feel about my situation. Now let me warn you that it is a sticky situation & I would like to remain anonymous due to the uniqueness of it.

So I have been messing around with this dude for the last year, well a little more than a year. We we 1st started dealing, he did not tell me he had a girl, let alone wife until after we had sex, but by that time I had already developed some deep feelings for this man. Once he told me that he was married, I really stopped talking to him for a couple weeks, well maybe a couple days. But I definitely fell back from the situation.

He kept calling me and showing up to my job trying to convince me that he really liked me and he was “separated” from his wife. He told me how he had caught her cheating and they were no longer even together “like that” but they were still cordial for the kids. BLAH BLAH BLAH

Against my better judgement, I still kept messing with this dude and now I just found out I was pregnant. Not only am I pregnant, but I am 4 months pregnant. I was on birth control so we weren’t using condoms. He wants me to get an abortion! Now I really don’t even believe in abortions, but I also don’t believe in trying to have a baby by a nigga who doesn’t want the baby. But I am 4 months pregnant! I have already heard my baby’s heartbeat & not to mention this is my 1st child. He wants me to get n abortion because his wife is “sick” now and he doesn’t want to put that additional stress on her.

Am I wrong for not having the abortion? I mean I did know he was married still, but I did my part. I was careful. What would you do?

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