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Healthy Hair

I have been searching high and low for some good products to restore the natural curl pattern back to my hair.  I was in an accident about 3 years ago, and my hair took a turn for the worse!  It has been falling out, and also it is not curly at all!!!  I used to have very tight curls as soon as any water or even humidity/moisture got to my hair.  Upon searching the internet for ways to make my hair grow and make it curly again, I can across a really good healthy hair channel on You Tube.  The channel is called Sunkiss Alba…. check her out.  But I would really like to share this one video in particular.  She explains how heat damage is what really changes your hair’s pattern and texture.  Thinking back…  I think this had a lot to do with my hair’s current condition because I was going to the salon literally once a week.  Take a look at this video and let’s get out hair back to a healthy state!

Healthy hair = Happy hair

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