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Heartbeat Of The Streets – Polished Hair Designs w/ Vette

On this episode of the Heartbeat Of The Streets we visited the Polished Hair Designs beauty salon, located at 449 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave, in Akron, OH.  We had the opportunity to interview owner and master stylist Yvetta Brockman (better known as Vette).  Her shop was filled with beautiful ladies who did not want to get on the camera because their hair had not been slayed yet LOL.

But Vette has owned her own salon for about 9 years now.  Yes, she owns her salon here in Akron & she also has a second location in North Carolina.  Vette has faced a lot of challenges and adversities but she always manages to finish on top.  I love Vetter & everybody check out her short interview & schedule an appointment today.  Be sure to mention #Earkandyradio for the best pricing available.

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