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Heartbeat Of The Streets Visits OPEN M in Akron, OH w/ Ace Epps

Today Heartbeat Of The Streets payed a visit to a great non-profit organization located right here in Akron, OH.  Their mission is simple and their vision is clear.  

OPEN M stands for an Opportunity for People Everywhere in Need of Ministry.  OPEN M is developing new and innovative programs to help people in our community become more self-sufficient. Today, more than 1,200 volunteers and many additional Covenant Churches and other supporting organizations help OPEN M continue growing, but the core purpose remains the same:

Feed the Hungry, Care for the Sick, Nurture Children, Build Families, and Strengthen the Community

OPEN M is located at 941 Princeton St, Akron, OH 44311 & their phone number is (330) 434-0110

Now I am embarrassed to to say that I just recently heard about OPEN M, but this is the truth.  I have a good friend (Ace Epps) who I have been following for a while now, who is the CWC manager (Community Works Connection (CWC) offers a 5-day workshop focusing on job readiness, financial literacy, getting and keeping a full-time job) for OPEN M.  He is starting new initiatives at the OPEN M to reach more people.

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Check out our live Heartbeat Of The Streets at the OPEN M.

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