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Her Fiance is My Side Dude

What would you do if you found out your side dude was your friend’s fiance?  Well that’s my stick predicament.  Let me tell yo how it all started and please please please put this on your show & let me know when you do?   I really need to know what people would do.

So me and my girl have been cool since we were in middle school.  She’s not my best friend but she is a really close friend.  When we got out of high school we both moved to NY together because we went to a fashion school out here.  It was a 2 yr program.  When we graduated, she went back home and I stayed here in NY because I found a really awesome internship who hired me on.  We still talked a lot as the weeks and months went by but not like everyday.

So life goes on right?  It’s been about 4 years since we graduated.  I still go home to visit my family, we still talk about life, when I’m home we hook up, go out (just like old times).  We don’t so much talk about our love lives because I’m here and she is there.  But she did tell me that she’s been dealing with this dude she really likes.  She told me all about him (including his name which is a very common name) but none of the other details she told me about him rang a bell.

Back track about a year & a half ago I started dealing with this guy from back home.  He is really cool, he did tell me that he had a woman and 2 kids (one passed away).  He said he really did love his girl but he was only with her because they had just recently lost a child and he just couldn’t hurt her like that, but he wasn’t really in love with her anymore.  I mean I’m not trying to be his woman or anything.  Like I said he is cool but I just can’t see myself doing the long distant relationship thing any way.  But he flies out here to see me about once or twice a month on the weekends and whenever I go home we hook up as well.  But yes, we have a pretty decent situation.

Fast forward back to now, my girl changes her status on FaceBook to engaged & tags her new fiance!  & to my amazement, it’s my side nigga!  Like WTF, how did this happen?  She told me the dude she was dealing with didn’t have any kids, but I know for a fact that he has a kid (or does he)?!?!?!  I’m so confused.  Like I don’t care what he does, because I don’t even question him about anything.  But did he lie to me from the very start or is he lying to my girl?  Well he is obviously lying to my girl because I know she thinks he is faithful.  She is the type of bitch who does not condone any type of cheating or unfaithfulness.  & I know for a 100% fact if she knew that he ever dealt with me, she would not be dealing with him.

Like I said, I’m just in a sticky predicament.  I don’t want to say I have feelings for him, but I guess you can say that I really like the arrangement we have together.  He is not the only person I deal with, but I like the fact that there is no commitment and it’s all about fun when we’re together.  But how do I tell my friend?  How do I not tell my friend?  Then I feel like I can’t be snitching on him because we just don’t get down like that.  But has this nigga been lying to me?  How you about to get married & you got a woman & kid that you didn’t tell my girl about.  I want to get to the bottom of it, but then I don’t want my decision to be based off me feeling some type of way because he lied to me.

Man if you were in this situation, WTF would you do?

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One thought on “Her Fiance is My Side Dude

  1. I would break all ties with him. Let him know why and tell my friend about the situation! There is no reason to live with that type of guilt when you truly didn’t know. When she finds out of course she will be pissed but don’t let that be the reason you don’t tell her!

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