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Here’s when your stimulus check arrives

Your check is on the way!! Happy spending or should I say Happy saving.

Where’s your coronavirus money? Officials say the first $1,200 checks are on track to be paid the week of April 13.

That’s right: Somewhat ironically, the IRS will start sending direct deposits at almost the exact same time it normally expects people to file their taxes. (Tax Day is usually April 15, but the 2020 filing deadline has been moved to July 15 according to the $2 trillion coronavirus aid package.)

Yet while the first payments are expected to be sent to taxpayers in mid-April, it could take a lot longer for your check to arrive — assuming you meet the eligibility requirements.

As of Monday, March 30, the IRS said the payments, worth up to $1,200 per adult, would start being distributed “within the next three weeks.” A few days later, on Thursday, April 2, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — who oversees the IRS — said at a press conference that the timeline was shifting and the first payments would arrive in some if not most taxpayers’ accounts via direct deposit “within two weeks.”

What’s unclear, however, is when the last checks will be sent to taxpayers. Federal officials insist that the vast majority of check recipients will get their payments by early May if not the middle of April. But people who have not given their bank direct deposit information to the IRS and therefore must receive paper checks could see significant delays in their payments.

How to Get a Payment Faster

To get your check as soon as possible, make sure you do two things:

• File your taxes for the 2018 or 2019 tax year, if you haven’t already.

• Provide the IRS with your direct deposit information.

Your tax return includes your adjusted gross income and the ages of any dependents you claim. That’s all the information the IRS needs to determine if you’re eligible for a check, and how much you get. (It’s a maximum of $1,200 per adult, and $500 for every dependent 16 and under.)

The first coronavirus payments will be made directly to the bank accounts of taxpayers whose information is already on file with the IRS from the last time they did their taxes. That’s why you should make sure the IRS has your bank direct deposit details; if you haven’t given this information to the IRS, it could take a lot longer to get your check.

Make sure to have direct deposit if you want fast money!!

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23 thoughts on “Here’s when your stimulus check arrives

  1. I have a card for my SSI and a turbo card. I filled out another at the site for IRS. I am waiting still. Ido not know if I will get hope I do. Deanna Webber Mcalester OK

  2. I did my 2019 taxes and got sent to green dot turbotax card. When will mine arrive? Will I even get?

  3. My gross income is roughly 72k…but I also receive a retirement of approximately 26k…. will I be receiving a stimulus check?

    1. I’m on SSI & disability I filed my income tax for 2019 and my daughter claimed me on her income tax for 2019 but we don’t live together. Will I get a stimulus check.

    2. I’m on ssa and ssi for 14 years and still waiting on my stimulus ch for me and my husaband. When will I see it in my bank account? Which I’ve been getting direct deposit for years from social security

    3. my husband and I both get disability we have yet to get our stimulus checks all four of our adult children got theirs already one a vet two work and one gets survivor benefits from his father so where is ours…hubby was suppose to have his April 29, 2020 he is still waiting for it to post at the bank

    4. How i can get my check? It was sent to a closed acc. Now the re sent it to my old address. I haven’t access to I.R.S. or Soc. Sec. They are closed. Please call me at 862 304 7144. Why they didn’t sent it in Soc.Sec. account?

  4. I am on SSI I claimed my husband on it as well when are we to expect the money and how will we know we got it my mom and step-dad is on SSI and Social Security when can we expect the payment for the stimulus check and how would we know we’re going to get

    1. I also have a card that my money goes on As well as my mom and step dad and would my husband’s money go on my card as well can any one help me answer this question

  5. I am on SSI and my husband is on SS and our benefits goes into our bank account and we haven’t received our stimulus checks and when are we suppose to get it

  6. My husband is on SS, I’m on SSI our benefits goes into our bank account and we still haven’t received our stimulus checks it and when are we suppose to get it?

  7. I get my late husband’s VA benefits we were common law marriage and the VA recognizes our marriage and I have been receiving his VA benefits for over three years since his death now I want to know why I have not received my VA beneficiaries stimulus or when should I expect it?

  8. My husband kicked me out left me abandoned and is cheating with another female and this all happened in the time of stimulus checks came and he filed our taxes jointly. Without my consent and he got our check 2400 and won’t give me my money. What should or who should I contact?

  9. I still haven’t received my check yet I get SSI and SSD can someone please let me know something

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