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He’s A Snitch

dont put my name out there please but i need to hear some feedback on this. i found out my boyfriend is a snitch but the crazy part is he told me himself he was a snitch. like we get money together in the streets. we rock heavy together and long story short he told me he got caught up with a lot of dope and was facing up to 20 years. he said wasn’t no way he was doing that time especially since he was really just running it for one of our people. now in my head im thinking this nigga really just out here whole snitching. i guess he could tell what I was thinking and took his shirt off to prove he wasnt wearing a wire and also tried to convince me that he had to snitch so he didnt have to leave me. he said he would never snitch on me. now tell me am i crazy for still dealing with my dude? i kind if feel like he had every opportunity to snitch on me but he didnt. he knows all my dirt but didnt snitch. he snitched on somebody else but always been loyal to me. should i question his loyalty now? should i keep dealing with him?  please help

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