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He’s my Baby Daddy too! The Jordy Craig story

My baby Daddy is your baby daddy he might be her baby daddy too… lol!

Well that’s exactly how Poor Jordy Craig is sounding after her baby’s daddy Tristan Thompson done knocked up a Kardashian and acted like she has invented the process we call pregnancy! Showering her with complaints in pictures, post, and videos all over social media. Giving her all the attention that baby momma number one just wishes she coulda got.

Jordy went to the internet to vent about how her baby daddy didn’t just miss the mark with her but also with their one year old son Prince Thompson! Apparently Tristan has been too busy showing off his new dodting very pregnant fiancé Khole Kardashian the “light of his life”. Well I guess Jordy figured she be able to shame him into showing them some love and attention.

Looks like it may have actually back fired on her because Tristan had been on a “how much I love Khole tour with even more pictures… smh I guess that ain’t work! Check  the link below and comment what you think!

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