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Hey Nicki, Baby mama is that you?

What you sippin on? Cuz if it ain’t Tasha’s Tea the your cup is lacking! So if y’all remember I debuted this Tea on my January 12th show. If you don’t know you can take a listen and catch yourself right on up. But back to the Tea babies.

So a certain big booty bad bitch that has been noticeably MIA for the pass few months from all forms of social media, haven’t even caught baby girl out and about lately. Aaaannnnnndd if you listened to the show you would know that I called it!

Miss Barbie herself yes Nicki Minaj! Check them cheeks and not the ones your thinking of, the ones on her face! In a picture that has surfaced from Beyonce and Jay-z’s Oscar after party, the normally non conservative Queen of rap dawned a very large floor length fur coat and a very “swollen” face… Now I don’t know about y’all but I smell a baby and I thought I’d that Nicki is following in the footsteps as another younger big booty bad (is she old enough for me to call her a bitch? ?) Bitch… But you don’t turn down the Carter’s so duh she was there!

Although finicky Nicki hasn’t confirmed baby rumors but she ain’t went out her way to deny them either below is the picture from the after party and a picture from the beginning of the year… Tell me what you think?


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