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Can u post this question I need advice.  My daughters father is in the streets…a month ago I took out a 500,000 life insurance policy for myself and him making our child the beneficiary if anything happens…  he has other children and he’s mad they aren’t on it…but i pay the premiums…I’m not trying to be funny by not including his other children…I’m just looking out for mine…Am I wrong…or is it the other baby mom job to secure a financial future for her own children like I do mine….side note…he was cheating on me when he conceived both of these children and she openly told me she had the last kid out of spite….should I feel bad and obligated to include the kids or not?

I took care of the first baby…got a bigger house for him to have a room and all and they busted all the windows out and stabbed me over my baby dad…not to mention my daughter was cut by glass when they busted out her bedroom windows she was only 11 months….I understand they are innocent but it ain’t my fault they momma ain’t smart.


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One thought on “***HIS KIDS AREN’T MY KIDS***

  1. If your paying the premiums then it’s your choice. As his woman though and if your in a serious relationship it should be no question that the other children get added. If your not in a relationship them I wouldn’t.

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