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Homeless Teenger In Akron Living In The Woods

Akron, OH – Being homeless is never easy, but it is extremely more difficult being homeless as a child trying to finish school and living in the woods.

Cleveland 19 News reported a teenage girl who is living in the woods in a tent, and she is just trying her best to graduate in these harsh living conditions. She turned 18 late last year, so she is technically not a minor, but she is still not out of high school yet.

When the news crew arrived, she did not really want to share her story. She feels like nothing is really unique about her story because thousands of other kids are in her exact same predicament. She said she does have a computer (probably given to her by the school) and she walks anywhere she is able to get a wi-fi connection so she can do her school work.

Homeless Akron teen continues school online while living in the woods

There are over 1,800 students in the Akron Public School system who are experiencing “homelessness,” although most of them are staying on a friend’s couch and going from house to house.

I feel so bad for this young women. Nobody should have to go through this, especially not a child who has not even graduated from high school yet. She is so strong, and I wish there was something we could do! If we find out who she is, maybe we can help her out with some donations.
UPDATED… here is a gofundme link that goes to her.


Click Here >>> For Channel 19 News Video

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  1. I never heard of this young child most likely because the people that she was around used her, Peter maurin Matthew,8:20

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