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Household essentials to buy in case of a second shutdown

As our country is heading for another shutdown due to Covid-19, below are a few essentials for the stay at home order.

While there is no need to panic buy or hoard anything, there are some essential items you should always have on hand. At the beginning of the pandemic, many household essentials were nearly impossible to find due to hoarding and supply chains unable to meet demand. 

there’s no way to predict what items will specifically sell out if there is a second lockdown. “Announcements around the upcoming release of a vaccine and pending outbreaks of the flu, or a second wave of relief checks, will drive consumer behaviors at unknown times and rates of reoccurrence,” Vernon said.

That being said, it’s a good idea to make sure you are stocked up on household essentials, but avoid hoarding such items or else there won’t be enough for everyone.

Here are essentials to buy now in case of a potential lockdown or product(s) shortage:

Of course-Toilet paper, don’t want to run out of that! Disinfecting wipes and spray. Hand sanitizer and soap. Paper towels, Tissue, Thermometers.

And don’t forget Face masks!! Stay safe-Mask up!

Lastly, Trash bags and Canned goods.

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