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How a Government Shutdown can Impact Tax Season

Government Shutdown 

If the Senate and the House do not come to an agreement today the government will shutdown again. If the government does shutdown this will affect tax season as far as refund disbursements, communication with the IRS, and much more.

Here’s what will and won’t happen:

There will be no refunds issued

There will be no audits or examinations, although there may be some exceptions

There will be no processing of non-disaster relief transcripts

Forms such as 1040X or amended returns will not be processed

There will be no non-automated collections

According to Forbes, here are some functions that will continue:


Mailing of tax forms

Call centers, which will remain open during filing season (more than 10,000 customers service representatives will handle telephone calls)

Processing returns that include payments


Civil and criminal tax cases

Active criminal investigations

The IRS website www.irs.gov

More than 3,000 IT-related workers will remain on the job

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