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How Can You Be With A Man Who Doesn’t Take Care Of His Kids?

I writing in because I need some advice. Well not really, I just want to vent & I see you will be talking about child support on your show so please share my story. Me & my baby dad have been broke up for like 2/ almost 3 years. I do not want him & he does not want me so this ain’t on no bitter baby mom stuff. But he has been talking to this new girl for a little while now. I’m assuming its serious because they both post each other on social media and they seem really happy together. But I’m just wondering how she can be with a man who doesn’t take care of his kids? My baby dad has not even seen our kids in the last 4 months. What type of woman can lay up with a man who doesn’t take care of his own flesh and blood. Then to make it even worse, her son is always with them! They post pictures like they are just the happiest family but he ain’t thought about getting his own kids. I do feel some type of way but I won’t let him know that. But how does your listeners feel about that?

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