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Spooky not Slutty

I’m 18 and since I was younger, some females have ruined Halloween! It’s ok to be cute and sexy but some have taken the spooky out of Halloween and made it slutty. So, I will be giving tips on how to be more spooky and less slutty.



  • Boobs or butts!


This is a rule that I think goes with every outfit. But, if you are broadcasting your boobs then the butt needs to tucked ladies and vice versa!  We can not let everyone see what we are packing and blessed with.


  1. Be comfortable

Most of us are partying instead of trick or treating so be comfortable ladies. If your costumes includes heels, bring an extra pair of shoes so you won’t be standing on the wall(Nobody likes a wall dancer). Last if your costume is more for the summertime find a cute jacket that will match costume perfectly.


  1. Makeup

If your costume is all around slutty, you can have your makeup be spooky ! A spooky look can make a slutty costume less slutty because people are focus on your face .


Always remember be cute and a little nasty but never TRASHY!





Her boobs are out but everything else          Come with a spooky face like this and Nobody will

Is covered!                                                            About what you are wearing.

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