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I am not my hair… Or am I?

I am not my hair isn’t just a hit song by India Arie but also a statement that was meant to let little girls know that they are more that how their hair may look. However this song or statement did not ring true for several young ladies at Christ the King Middle school in Gretna, La.

Yesterday was the 1st day back to school for many children across the country, and for most of them it was just another 1st day of school.

Not so much for these young ladies who were suspended from school for having hair extentions… Yes HAIR EXTENTIONS!!!! They were taken out of class told to get their belongings and sent home in the middle of the day! Not only were they ostracized and publicly humiliated but they were actually sent home with instructions to change their hair per the “school policy” and not to return until their hair had been changed!

Unfortunately this isn’t the first school to attempt to do this to their students, the difference is that the former schools were unsucessful and also issued apologies to students and parents alike.

I feel outraged to know that a school a place of and for education is focusing so much on something that has nothing to do with educating! I am not the only one as celebrities and activist are showing out for these ladies in a major way. One in particular being Atlanta’s own T.I.P who had some very choice words for this Louisiana scholastic institution of higher learning that he posted on his instagram this morning, along with the video below ( which was posted originally by Toyko Vanity of #lhhatl, who happens to be the aunt of the young lady in the video).

Take a look at the video and tell me how would you feel if this was your daughter, or if you yourself were in this predicament where your hair literally caused you to be removed from a place that you were required to be? As for me I wouldn’t stand for it! Shout out to this little girl for just being her we are behind you baby, this is just a minor set back for a major Come Up!!!!

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