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I Can Give Advice About Parenting Too

Me and my friend got into a really bad argument.  She claims she is so real and always tells me to keep the lines of communication open, so I did.  Let me tell you because I need you to put this on your website.

My friend has a new boyfriend.  I think they are moving way too fast, especially the fact that she has kids.  But I told her how I thought she put too much time and energy into her dude and I think her kids are suffering.  She never seems to have time to do anything with them anymore, but she is always doing something with her boyfriend, like going on trips and out to eat.  Her kids are getting the short end of the stick.  Like she will just grab a pizza or noodles for her kids to eat but as soon as they go to sleep or go to school, she is making a meal for them.  To me, it seems like her boyfriend just wants it to be them 2.  I told her how I was feeling, because her kids have recently been getting in trouble in school and they have just been really withdrawn from their friends.  She is beating them for getting in trouble, and that is the only reason I even spoke up.

But she told me that I shouldn’t have anything to say to her because I gave my child up for adoption and I didn’t have any kids, so how can I tell her about being a good parent.  That really hurt me, because yea I did give my son up for adoption, but I was only 16 when I had him.  Not saying that is an excuse, but I was not ready for a child.  I had got molested by my mom’s boyfriend and moved out her house when I was only 14.  I’ve been on my own since, and I didn’t even have a place to live myself.  I also didn’t have anybody to sign off on getting an abortion, so I felt like adoption would be the best thing for the baby.  It just hurts so bad because she always acted like she understood why I did what I did, but then as soon as she fstw about what I told her, she tells me how she really feels about the decision I made damn near 10 years ago.  Also, she thinks I don’t know how to raise a child, but she is always asking me to babysit her kids.

Do you guys think a person who is not a parent can give parenting advice.  Was I wrong in this situation or was she wrong?

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