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I should have aborted your ass! Sky harsh words towards estranged son!

“I should have aborted your ass!” “Why didn’t I swallow!” “ I wanna best this lil boy ass”! Just because you can have kids don’t mean you should have kids! Sky ( from black ink crew) had some harsh shit to say to her 17 year old estranged son! If you keep up with the show Sky has a lot of skeletons in her closet that unfolded during the show!

We learned at just the age of 14 Sky was pregnant with twins and homeless. Her child’s father was adult man at the time and she claims she wasn’t ready! She gave the twin boys up for adoption after giving birth. Welp years later she tired to rekindle their relationship and make the past right.

During a clip of the show you see Sky and her son get into! To the point she’s saying some very disrespectful and hurtful shit! I know we shall respect our parents but Sky was NEVER a mother to this young man and it clear he’s hurt! He just wants love and attention he never got and the two just can’t get right!

The video below is very vulgar and graphic. Viewers discretion is advised !


I pray these two get the proper help they deserve! I’m not judging but Sky needs to chilli the fuck out! You say you want to gain a relationship with your son but attacking him over expressing himself.

There’s a way he could go about it but who’s to say he knows how! Unfortunately parents forget one day your child will be old enough to question you for why you weren’t there! And sometimes the bullshit excuses don’t work! That young man is working through years of build up anger, not to mention we don’t know how his life was growing up in the system! I’ll pray for them and leave it at that!

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