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I Thought Our Love Would Never Fail

I need some advice on this situation.  Please do not reveal my name, but I am just in a crazy predicament.

I have been with my husband for 6 years now.  We have been friends since we were in middle school.  Like we have always been really good friends.  We didn’t get romantically involved until he went to jail.  When he 1st went down, I was there for him as his friend.  You know, I would go visit him from time to time and write him, also send him a couple dollars whenever I could.  We started to develop feelings for each other with all the time we were spending together, especially in his darkest moments.

My family and friends really never supported the relationship even though they have no reason to.  He is really a good man, he just got crossed up in a bad situation.  But we ended up getting married while he was in jail.  I’m the type of woman who knows what I want, so there was no point in playing around.

Everything went good for the duration on his jail sentence, & when he got out, he did everything he said he was going to do.  He treats me so good and  he already found a job.  There is only one problem with my husband and it is a huge one.  He cannot get hard!  I have honestly not seen his dick hard once since he has been out and he’s been home for  5 months now.  We had sex (if that’s what you want to call it), but I am so unsatisfied.  I feel like I was lied to and deceived because he never told me he had any issues with his dick.  I’m so sad and mad.  I love him, but I have needs and he feels some type of way about us using toys.








I swear I love my husband so much and this is a sensitive issue for me to even talk about with him.  I know the damage it could do if I tear down his ego.  When we have sex, I fake it.  I tell him that I’m satisfied and it’s not all about the sex (& it’s not), but I thought I was going to get broke off after he got out.  I waited 6 long years for this man and I can’t even get a hard dick as a reward.

What should I do?  Is sex more important than love?  Is love, love without good sex?  Can we make this work?  please help.

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One thought on “I Thought Our Love Would Never Fail

  1. If you love him the way you say you do then don’t fake it and don’t lie to him. Be very clear on how you feel. Let him know that you’re not being insensitive or mean however this is an issue that effects both of you. Him being comfortable talking to you about it is going to make him feel a bit better going to the doctor about this same issue. It possibly its something that can be medically corrected

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