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Icewear private listening party

Last night Ear Kandy Radio got to be apart of one of Detroit’s hottest artists. You may remember him from hits such as Moon Walking and Money phone. That’s right IceWear Vezzo had a private listing party in Cleveland for his upcoming album release.

We got an  explosive interview with Icewear and found out some interesting information. December 14 his album drops everywhere! He recently was released from prison. That’s why we haven’t heard from him and he open up about how he changed.

DeAnna: How was prison changed you as an artist?

Icewear Vezzo: I was in the process of changing before prison. I use to think I didn’t have control over my surroundings and situation, which got me in trouble. But now I realized I’m in control of everything around me and I choose to remove people and things out my life that mean me no good.

We also played a little game called this or that and this was his response:

DeAnna: sex or head

Icewear: both lol

Brit: you gotta pick

Icewear: sex, I gotta feel that muthafucka (lol)

Brit: boxers or brief

Icewear: Briefs

Steve: what’s your favorite  clarity album

Icewear: Clarity 6


Icewear was a cool individual, very welcoming. He talked to us about upcoming events and projects. As of right now he’s doing shows and you can follow his Instagram for updates. He has a new album dropping this December. Then a mixtape in February.

Ear Kandy wishes him the best in his journey and we’er glad we got the exclusive. Hopefully y’all get to see Icewear at the EKR studio soon.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the interview, behind the scenes and more. We really working, I can’t wait till everyone sees what’s next. Big s/o to Big Heff for inviting us and providing the opportunity. Ekr let’s get it! 

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