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I had to write in about this because I am really disturbed, like for-real.   So, my girl asked me to ride with her to drop her friend off and her friend invites us in to smoke.  Cool, you know her friend, my friend.  So we chilling in the living room all in a circle and her daughter is there also.  Now her daughter is only like 3 maybe 4 or 5 so I already fstw about smoking in front of her.  Any who she fires up the blunt and we all start tapping it and passing it around like puff puff puff pass lol and her friend passes the blunt to me but her daughter is like in between us so she has to pass reach over her to pass it to me.  Her daughter looked at her like why TF you passing me.  Me & my girl both looked at each other at the same time and I even said it “she act like she wanna hit the blunt”.  Do you know this SORRY ASS EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER says “yea she mad because I usually will let her hit it lol”.  IDK what to say or do.  It was just a awkward silence and we left shortly after.  I’m pissed off because I feel like that is child abuse but she’s not my friend.  You can’t just go telling somebody about their kid.  What would yall do.  I told my friend she need to say something to her friend.

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2 thoughts on “I’M DISTURBED

  1. Honestly I would call Children’s Services and report her I don’t care who’s friend she is. She knows she is wrong for that and by her friend saying anything to her won’t stop her from doing it.

  2. Damn this shit is sad af she don’t even get a chance to choose a life style before her parents that’s supposed to protect her make her choose a fuck up lifestyle

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