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I’m His Girlfriend BUT Should I Have To Watch His Kid While He’s Gone??

I’m hoping this is an anonymous as you guys claim it to be, because my boyfriend actually listens to a couple of your shows, but I really need some advice because I’m about to explode.

So my boyfriend and I live together (& we have been living together for the past year & a half).  I have one child who is 13 and my boyfriend has a child who is 2.  Of course my child lives with us and he gets his child 4 days a week (from Thursday to Monday morning).  I’m happy that he is active in his child’s life, because I wouldn’t have it any other way BUTTTTTTT he also works on the weekends.

As I said, my child is 13 and on the weekends if we don’t have anything planned, they usually go with their dad or over a friend’s house.  On the weekends that my child is  there… I don’t mid so much, but on the weekends he has to work and my child is gone, he expects me to watch his BABY!  I say baby because a two year old is not self sufficient.  I am not used to taking care of a baby, because my child pretty much does everything for them self.

Now I am just trying to figure out if this is all apart of girlfriend duties?  I also feel some type of way because his child’s mom literally doesn’t work or anything but she gets every weekend to herself while I’m at home watching their kid.  I just feel like on the weekends he does have to work & my child is gone, then he needs to drop the baby off to it’s mom and pick up when he gets off.  But the issue is that he fought so hard for rights and visitation rights to his child that he does not want to risk losing any time with her (which I understand as well), but it seems like I’m the one suffering.

Am I wrong for not wanting to keep his kid while he’s at work all the time?  & should the mom have to step it up, especially with her not working, going to school or anything.

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One thought on “I’m His Girlfriend BUT Should I Have To Watch His Kid While He’s Gone??

  1. Awww maybe some compromise can b met with paying your 13 your daughter or grabbing a babysitter for him so u can enjoy your time because that IS a big gap

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