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I’m scared too…

Cardi B recently took to Instagram to express how she felt about the Government Shut Down. Going so far as saying she’s scared of what’s going to happen. Saying action should be taken soon. Check the video out below. Cardi B video had such an impact our girl made the MSNBC news!

Pictures from The Women’s March in Washington DC show support of Cardi B’s video. Big s/o to Cardi for posting the pictures. She showed her appreciation to fans saying she was honored to see the signs with her pictures and quotes. Cardi B stated she’s is not dumb to government issues and does feel its fuck up government workers are NOT being paid.

If you watch the news or scroll social media you have heard about the shut down. December 22nd the government shut down due to our government not being able to agree on a budget. Trump wants to build a wall along the bored of Mexico. The wall is suppose to keep drugs, dangerous people and people who may be looking for a new start out.

The wall is estimated to cost $5.7 billion! Thus far the shut down has lasted 29 days (today) and counting…This is one of the longest shut downs we have seen since 1995. 800,000 Federal workers have been without pay. Even reviving checks with $0.00 on them.

Outside of government workers not being able to provide for their families, millions of people are being affected by the government shut down. Federal funding is on hold. In my city (Akron,Ohio) SNAP benefits for the Month of February were released early.

Grocery stores were left empty. Long lines and even closing certain departments out of fear of selling out before another truck (food supplies) comes in. Government housing releasing information on not paying people rents! And God forbid martial law goes into affect before they agree.

Join me this Tuesday at 7pm live on Facebook and on our website! I’ll be talking about the Government shut down, how and who will be affected. I also have special guest Gabb a tax specialist to tell everyone how the shit down affects taxes! My surprise special guest who is close to the government and will tell us how we’ll be affected in later dates to come.

Tune in 7pm and thanks for the support

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