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Inmate out of Elkton,Ohio prison

The inmates of Elkton, Ohio speaks out about the coronavirus. A prison created a video sharing the harsh and inhumane treatment of positive Covid-19 inmates. He stated in the video inmates who test positive for the virus are still being housed with inmates who tested negative.

People are being left untreated and in the dorms to die. The sick people will eventually infect others whom are not sick. In the video you see a man literally trying his best to breathe. A huge tent is now located on their basketball court which will house the dead body’s as the continue to drop!

The man in the video knows he could face consequences for having a “jack” or phone while incarcerated but is willing to risk it! He fears many more will die as he claims to know three men who had passed due to the virus. Check out the full video below and if you have family in this institution check on them ASAP!

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