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Innocent Men Set Free After 42 Years!

Jacksonville, FL – Bitter sweet release from prison for two men who have always claimed their innocence after 42 long years. Clifford Williams Jr. (76 years old) and his nephew Hubert Nathan Meyers (63 years old) were convicted of killing a woman in Jacksonville back in May 1976.

The Innocence Project launched an investigation and the State Attorney’s office agreed about there not being enough evidence to convict either men. Circuit Judge Angela Cox vacated both of their sentences and they were released immediately.

Allegedly another man confessed to the murder and was never charged, but he passed away. According to the state of Florida, anytime a person who is wrongfully convicted of a crime is entitled to some compensation (as long as there are no prior felony convictions… WOW). They will both receive $50,000 per year up to a max of $2 million.

Back to my first statement about this being bitter sweet… These men were convicted at the age of 34 & 18. They have both spent more than half of their lives in prison, and they get out and will only be compensated $50,000/yr?! Where is the justice?? I honestly think there should be some consequences for the prosecutors and detectives when they convict an innocent person. Maybe that would make them take their jobs more seriously and only put people who are truly guilty behind bars!

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