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Insensitive Ohio Landlord Says Rent Is Due & No Discounts Or Help

Dallas Ohio – Whitaker Properties, an Ohio property management company, is under this fire this morning for being down right insensitive to their tenants in the middle of a global pandemic.

Gary Whitaker, one of the members of the property company, sent out this poorly written and insensitive message at least one of their tenants. With the state of the economy (due to all the business closures and coronavirus outbreak), and the crisis currently going on, I just find it very hard to believe a company could be this hard on their tenants.

Now I do understand these companies need to get paid too, in order to stay in business, but there is a right way and wrong way to go about everything… and this was definitely the wrong way!

Whitaker Properties… shame on you treating your tenants like this during a crisis. Karma can be your best friend or your worst enemy, so be careful!

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15 thoughts on “Insensitive Ohio Landlord Says Rent Is Due & No Discounts Or Help

  1. The landlord can wait on the tenants rent how would the landlord was in the tenants shoes so the landlord in the wrong an no discount

  2. There’s Justice, there’s God’s Justice, …then there is street Justice! I hope this asshole never gets Street Justice!

  3. What a dick! Karma will bless him with her graces. He will also have to answer to God! He will get his. In the meantime my prayers go out to all his tenants.

  4. People haven’t even missed a paycheck yet. I can understand feeling entitled to a reduction or extension if this had been going on for a month or more but this guy has to pay his mortgages and expenses too.

    1. I understand exactly what you’re saying but my hours were cut because of the pandemic a couple of weeks before and the last days before it was even called a pandemic I was sent home so my check was substantially lower than I expected this week. Thank goodness I’m not behind in rent but had I been counting on this last check as payment, I wouldn’t have had it. Not everyone has a lot saved up. Also, most ppl are trying to make sure they have essentials and food in the home right now so it’s easy to be short on rent.

    2. Its been about 8 months, hasn’t it? I wonder what happened to all the tenants, and how the landlord resolved this issue. I hope the tenants are still housed.

  5. Your so lucky I’m not a tentant of URS because I would sue you.
    I’m a landlord and this shows me ur an ungrateful POS and ur rude.

  6. Maybe all his tenamts should move out all his property and let him be in a financial crisis. God have a way of handling people like him. Shame on you.

  7. Lucky I’m not one of his tenants because I’d be telling him where he could go and I wouldn’t be polite about it that just plain out rude and ignorant specially saying can’t find a job then move out that’s just plain ignorant

  8. Every single tennent who has 1 thing that needs fixed should not pay rent and put in a escrow account and make their day shitty. Sounds like a piece of shit greedy slumlord if you ask me.
    Everyone should move out when they do get their checks. And then stand in front with signs saying how shitty they are.
    How about some of that Karma dirtbag..lol

  9. It cost to evict ppl everyone should just ignore rent he can’t possibly get all those evictions started with the courts having more important things to do then he will have to come to Ohio where it is scary to just go to the store maybe he will get his karma in the bad way he looks up their in age Good luck mr fucked up llandlord

  10. What he is doing is illegal at this moment. No evictions are to be issued during this pandemic. He can and will be faced with charges if he carries out his evictions. God don’t like ugly and Karma is my favorite bitch. Stay well and WOKE people.

  11. America is all about money
    He doesn’t care about his tenants
    It’s all about the money
    God won’t do anything to him in this world because we don’t no her.
    When it’s his time to leave this world he can be sent to the lower heavens
    Marvin Gaye

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