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Interview with Kash Doll 7-11-14 on EAR KANDY RADIO

Seeing Kash Doll Tonight on the BET Social Awards made me think about my interview with her!  I had the pleasure of interviewing this beautiful Detroit Queen on 7-11-14, right when she was really hitting the scene.  She is so sweet…  Then I got to meet her the next night at Georgie’s Pub (LOL)… she came to Akron.  Shout Out to OX DA DASH.. he did that!  He brought her to the city and he was also the 1st person to put his music on Ear Kandy Radio.  Check out the interview below… it started about 20 minutes into the interview.

I tried not to listen to Ms. Henretha (GRRRRRRRR)!

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